Pasta. Is. Better.

We all know that plastic straws are terrible for the environment. That's why so many cities, states, and nations are banning their sale and use.

The popular (yet flimsy) paper straws still take 30-60 days to decompose, and may contain harmful dyes, waxes, and glues.

Our solution? The Amazing Pasta Straw. They hold their strength and shape in cold drinks plus will decompose virtually overnight after being discarded. 

PastaStraw in Smoothie


PastaStraw in Cocktail


PastaStraw in Soda




Frequently Asked

FDA Approved?

As the original pasta straw company, The Amazing Pasta Straws use only 100% FDA approved ingredients - literally water and wheat. Consumers can rest assured that our pasta straws are safe for the environment, guests, family and friends.


Heck yes! Plus, you don't need special composting equipment to cleanly dispose of them either. Paper straws decomposing in 30-60 days* is great, but pasta straws are overnight and are completely edible.

Safe to eat?

Because pasta straws only have two ingredients - wheat and water - they are completely safe for human and animal consumption if accidentally swallowed. You can also make a tasty baked ziti-style dish if you wanted to!


According to the infamous BBC new story itself, "Customers told us it doesn't affect the flavour of the drink." Plus a live interview with Good Day LA confirmed that you “can’t taste it.”


Yup! Only two ingredients and no animal product whatsoever. 

Gluten free?

Although gluten free certification applies to foods that you actually eat/drink, pasta straws are made with wheat and do not currently meet the requirements for "gluten free." Rest assured though, a special version of PastaStraws is in the works for those with Celiac.

Beverage tolerance?

Unlike paper straws that tend to last 15 minutes in real world conditions, pasta straws can hold their strength and form for over an hour hour in a cold beverage. They are also perfect for drinking milkshakes because they do not collapse like plastic straws do.

Hot drinks?

First off, it's not recommended to use any straw with a hot drink due to probable injury. Nobody likes tongue burns. As with most compostable straws, The Amazing Pasta Straw is made for use in chilled beverages.


We currently have one size available that mimics standard plastic straws measuring approximately .25" x 10". 


The price difference between pasta and plastic straws is pretty slim. When you compare similar quantity, The Amazing Pasta Straws are on par with paper straw alternatives. If money is tight, restaurants can typically make up that cost by only offering pasta straws upon request.


Free shipping is available on orders over $10. The Amazing Pasta Straw is also available on Amazon!

International shipping?

The Amazing Pasta Straws are currently only available in the United States. However, we are working diligently to create a global system where we can distribute pasta straws to countries like Canada, France, and Australia.