The Amazing Pasta Straw (Bulk 30,000)

The Amazing Pasta Straw (Bulk 30,000)

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Half a year’s supply! Thirty bulk cases of one thousand (1,000) pasta straws. The Amazing Pasta Straw is the perfect replacement for harmful plastic straws and are the better alternative to flimsy paper straws, pricey bamboo straws, or even unsanitary reusable straws.

  • Lasts your WHOLE drink

  • Completely biodegradable and safe to eat

  • 100% vegan

  • Product of Italy

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Please contact us HERE for orders of 30,000 or more pasta straws OR for corporate orders with multiple shipping addresses. Each Bulk case weighs approximately 24 lbs., 16"x12"x10"., and contains two sealed bags of 500 pasta straws each.